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Interfaces in Linguistics

Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès
May 18th and 19th 2017, Toulouse (France)


JéTou (Journées d'études Toulousaines) is an international conference bringing together young researchers (Master and doctoral students as well as PhD who have defended their dissertation within the past three years) in Linguistics around a common theme. This 6th edition of JéTou will be devoted to a reflexion on the theme of interfaces in Linguistics.

Call for Papers We are currently accepting papers from all doctoral students and young researchers in linguistics. Learn more…

Submission The extended deadline for the full papers is Sunday November 20th, 2016. Submissions must not exceed 8 pages (including 2 pages of references). Learn more…

Committees JéTou 2017 is organized by the doctoral students from the following laboratories of the University of Toulouse: CLLE-ERSS, LERASS-CPST and Octogone-Lordat. Learn more…

Invited Speakers

Audrey Bürki Audrey Bürki, Cognitive Sciences, University of Potsdam, Germany

Audrey Bürki's main scientific interest is speech production. She works with different methodologies: behavioural experiments, acoustic analyses, corpora or even evoked potentials to better understand cognitive processes underlying language production in everyday life. In recent studies, she has paid specific attention to representations in mental lexicon and to phonological variations in production as well. She is also going to take part in a new SNSF project, regarding the links betweens production and comprehension processes.

Presentation title: Interface oral/écrit, ou le rôle du langage écrit dans la production et la reconnaissance des mots
Abstract / Résumé

Marie Lallier Marie Lallier, BCBL, Spain

Marie Lallier's main research topics are: language acquisition, developmental dyslexia, specific language impairment, attention, bilingualism, visual and auditory processing. She has worked with several approaches (behavioural, EEG, fMRI, ...) aiming to better understand atypical neural activity in dyslexia, and reading processes in bilinguals (French, Spanish, Basque, among others). She is currently staff scientist at the Basque Center for Brain and Language in Spain, Leader of the Developmental Language Disorders group, and will start a Ramon y Cajal Fellowship in 2017.

Presentation title:: Reading development in early bilinguals
Abstract / Résumé

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